Friday, 31 July 2015

I left everyone hanging after the goose camp post so I am going to attempt to catch up. The problem with a blog about a Churchill life is I'm finding that I'm busy living that life.

We knew the storm was coming so we started preparing. Batten down the hatches turned into batten down the tent. Claude, Melissa and Camille started gathering rocks to hold down the bottom of the tent. The wind was trying to blow it down. As the temperature dropped we found that the tent was becoming harder and harder to heat. Together we came up with an idea to fix that, cut down the size of the tent. We used tarps and boards and cut the tent in half. After our bathroom tent blew down we moved the pail into the blocked off area of the tent and ended up with an indoor facility, what a bonus.
Construction to make the tent smaller

After a cold and windy night we woke to a blizzard.
Spring blizzard
We pretty much spent the day in the tent, adding wood to the fire, napping and just passing time. If we got really bored we would knock the ice off the side of the tent.
Melissa knocking ice off of the tent.
By morning we were "over it" we packed up and hit the trail home.
Home safe and sound

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